Neighbors For Revitalization

Our Mission & Vision

Neighbors For Revitalization is working to remediate abandoned and hazardous properties in the West End, Elmwood, and South Side of Providence for the health and well being of all residents. Our vision is to create a collective voice around community development and improvement. We want to open up a space that increases the opportunity for collaboration among community development corporations, banks, neighborhood residents, Providence Police, and The City of Providence. We believe that through collaboration, we can transform our neighborhoods and change perceptions of the West End, Elmwood and the South Side of Providence.  

About us

Neighbors For Revitalization was born out of a series of community summits hosted by the Providence Children and Youth Cabinet’s (CYC) Community Partnership that began in the Fall of 2015. The series of community summits attracted people that want to bring attention to matters such as: violence among youth and young adults, distrust amongst neighbors, and the issue of blighted, abandoned properties in South Providence, Elmwood, and the West End. Many residents rallied around one property in particular (93 Superior Street located in the West End of Providence) and quickly began coming together as a group to advocate for the remediation of concerning abandoned properties across the West End, Elmwood, and the South Side of Providence.

Our work

Within a year of the group’s conception, 93 Superior Street was placed in the City’s receivership program and West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation (WEHDC) worked with its receiver in order to renovate the property which is now completely rehabilitated and up for sale through WEHDC. As a result of this community-driven success we released a case study which tells the story of property remediation via community engagement.  This home will now be sold to a low to moderate income family. The complete renovation of 93 Superior Street was celebrated on August 9th, 2017 as a block party and open house tour for families. View pictures below!

   93 Superior Street Celebration 


Neighbors For Revitalization acknowledges that the issue of blighted, abandoned properties in our city is much broader than a single property in the West End. Presently, the group is organizing and preparing itself to unify our community in order to take a more widespread approach to resolving the major concern around abandoned properties in our neighborhoods, which threaten our social and emotional wellbeing as well as our public safety.


Neighbors For Revitalization is a group sponsored by the Providence Children and Youth Cabinet (CYC) through the RI Department of Health’s Health Equity Zone award. It is sustained through a formal partnership with the West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation and group members (consisting of diverse stakeholders in our community including neighborhood residents) who volunteer their time.

When and where we meet

Neighbors For Revitalization meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 6:00 – 7:30pm at the West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation.


For inquires contact:

Teresa Guaba
Project Coordinator
Providence Children and Youth Cabinet  

Office: 401-863-9781
Cell: 401-345-7434