This morning NPR reported the high number of students that deal with trauma in school in New Orleans schools from K-12. The piece discusses how schools in New Orleans are looking at what students are going through rather than what is "wrong with them" - trauma informed teaching is an approach that is being used and reinforced  under the direction of Principal Nicole Boykins at Crocker College Prep Elementary School in New Orleans, read this article to learn more.

On Monday, April 10, 2017, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT released its twenty-third annual report on the well-being of Rhode Island's children at a policy breakfast attended by over 500 people, including the Governor, Congressional Delegation, and statewide and community leaders.The 2017 Rhode Island Kids Count Factbook charts improvements and declines in the well-being of children and youth across the state and in each of Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns and provides the latest available statistics on different aspects of children's lives, from birth through adolescence. This year, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT added a new indicator on College Enrollment and Completion to the 2017 Factbook, bringing the total number of indicators to 72.


a compelling article that highlights the importance of effective, well coordinated, school based services for children and youth that face the insidious affects of anxiety, depression, and trauma on a daily basis.  It also highlights the importance of a better understanding of the numbers, the data, and the powerful, positive classroom implications of effectively supporting children and youth that struggle on a day to day basis. 

Release of Providence E2S Case study featured in a blog from Annie E. Casey foundation.

Learn more about our Health Equity Zone, Building Trauma Sensitive Schools Project, CYC High School, College, and Career culmination and CYC Board updates. 

Graduate RI was initiated as a result of the CYC High School College and Career workgroup's Lumina grant.

The Providence Children and Youth Cabinet focuses on children with Trauma in Providence Public Schools.