Providence Children & Youth Cabinet Awarded $1.8 Million Federal Grant to Address City's Middle School Students' Traumatic Stress

Implementation Oversight for Evidence Based Programs: A policymaker’s guide to effective program delivery

Data-driven and evidence-based practices present new opportunities for public and social sector leaders to increase impact while reducing inefficiency. But in adopting such approaches, leaders must avoid the temptation to act in a top-down manner. Instead, they should design and implement programs in ways that engage community members directly in the work of social change. 

Annie E. Casey publishes a feature article on the CYC's work on the Evidence2Success initiative and the implementation of CBITS (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools) in Providence public schools. 

Providence has been labeled as one of the "Geek Cities" in the United States in terms of becoming true incubators of innovation and delivering better services to their residents according to this article on how a smarter use of data and evidence can improve lives.