Governor Raimondo’s budget calls for expanding high-quality early-childhood education and all-day kindergarten and creating a $20-million fund to pay for school construction.

Ground-breaking study out of Columbia University demonstrates findings that indicate that programs with a social and emotional focus produce significant benefits that exceed the costs; one of the programs mentioned was Positive Action which will be implemented in South Providence by the CYC's Evidence2Success initiative.

Learn about the grassroots effort underway at Juanita Sanchez which encourages parent participation in the transformation of the school's climate and culture.

In an interview, Mayor Elorza discusses why he believes that Principals and Teachers should be granted more control and how he wants students to leave high school with real-world skills. 

What are Hispanic serving institutions (HSIs) and how critical are they to improving academic achievement of Latinos? This brief article defines HSI and shares some facts about the role they've been playing in academic achievement for Latino students.