Antoine and Rochelle are brother and sister and in 4th and 2nd grade classrooms at Young Woods Elementary School in the Southside of Providence.  They both had classroom teachers participating in the five month installation of the Positive Action program at their school.  At the end of school field day, their mother and aunt approached Antoine’s teacher, Ms. Leech to ask about the “program that the kids are doing and talking about at home.”  Ms. Leech asked what they were hearing and seeing.  Antoine and Rochelle’s family said that the kids were saying to each other and other members of the family that “positive thoughts lead to positive feelings lead to positive actions” While the family thought that the repeating of the words was out of the ordinary initially, they have seen the kids thinking a lot about how they think and feel and that how it is much better to have a good attitude and get along with each other than to fight.  The family thanked Ms. Leech for the program, for making it easy for the kids to participate in, for making it make sense in their minds, and for some extra piece and quiet at home.