Winsome Stone is a mother who lives in the Southside of Providence, an Evidence2Suuccess neighborhood.  Winsome has spent more than a decade working as a manager in the Rhode Island child welfare system, a system that she is often frustrated by and with. Within the child welfare system, she has weathered leadership changes, the arrival and departure of various strategies and interventions, and incredibly high staff turnover.  Evidence2Success has provided Winsome an opportunity to engage in a better way of doing the work that she loves.  She believes that every child deserves what her own child has.  Winsome credits Evidence2Success with helping her to see a much better way to serve and protect children and youth.  Winsome has been an integral participant in the joint priority setting process, program selection, CBITS Implementation Team, and currently sits on the Evidence2Success Community Partnership Table.  She was recently elected by her peers at the E2S Community Partnership Table to serve on the Providence Children and Youth Cabinet Board of Directors as their representative, with her primary role being to represent the work of Evidence2Success at the Board level.