Social and emotional well being has emerged as a clear priority for the CYC through community conversations, the Our Children, Our City resident engagement process and the compelling data from over 6,000 students surveyed with the Youth Experience Survey. Social and Emotional well being has also been elevated by current Superintendent Maher and Mayor Jorge Elorza as strategic priorities for the school district and city.

Currently, the CYC leads multiple efforts to improve social and emotional wellbeing for Providence children and youth across the continuum of cradle to career. The CYC plays an active role in the implementation of several evidence based programs that address social and emotional wellbeing. These include:

Incredible Years

A program engaging parents of pre-school age children in positive parenting coaching

Familias Unidas

A culturally specific program designed for first generation latino immigrant parents of adolescents

Positive Action

A school based program that promotes a positive school culture and encourages elementary and middle school children to make positive behavioral choices

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)

A therapeutic program designed to reduce symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder in adolescents

Success to Date

  • 70% of students enrolled in Positive Action pilot demonstrated improved self management skills
  • Students enrolled in CBITS pilot experienced 28% reduction in PTSD symptoms