The Children and Youth Cabinet was formed in early 2010, in response to the need in Providence for an organization that brings partners together, establish shared goals and take collective action to improve outcomes for Providence children and Youth, from cradle to career. Formed by then-Mayor Cicilline, the Cabinet established a vision and early on focused on the importance of using data to understand the programs and strategies that contribute to success for children and youth from cradle to career. When Mayor Taveras came to office in 2011, he endorsed and expanded the Cabinet. Over the past several years, the CYC has become an independent ‘backbone’ organization, or intermediary, that has advanced a shared agenda for Providence despite numerous leadership transitions at the local and state level.

Over the years, the CYC has expanded its members and grown as a coalition to include public agencies, service providers, business leaders, residents and youth with over 70 organizations and 150 individual members. We have also refined our vision to embrace a holistic perspective of children’s success on the cradle-to-career continuum. This evolution has been informed by ongoing inquiry, data analysis and most importantly, shared priority setting that is inclusive of thousands of Providence’s residents and youth.

Where Are We Going?

In 2016 the CYC launched a strategic roadmap process to further refine its activities and identify a set of clear priority outcome areas for the coming years. This focus will allow our coalition to achieve greater impact and see deserved results for Providence’s children and youth.